5 Benefits of Ginger Candy


Anyone who possesses both a sweet tooth and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle will find it challenging to accommodate both. Ginger candy, however, is one of those few foods that falls within the parameters of both health-food and sweet-food.

benefits of ginger candy

Anyone who possesses both a sweet tooth and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle will find it challenging to accommodate both. Ginger candy, however, is one of those few foods that falls within the parameters of both health-food and sweet-food. Ginger candy is commonly in stock at your local health food store. It typically consists of a candied chunk of ginger root that has been covered in a crystallized, sugary syrup.

The History of Ginger

The exact origin of ginger is a mystery, for it no longer is found growing in the wild. The rhizome, or edible tuberous root, of the ginger plant has been cultivated and used in herbal medicine for some 5,000 years. India and China have been the main traditional producers of ginger, but it has long been grown throughout the tropical zones of the planet.

The Benefits of Ginger Candy

The benefits of ginger candy are inseparable from the benefits of ginger root itself, and therefore, there is no need to cover them separately here. However, powdered ginger, or even ginger root tea, cannot compete in potency with candied ginger. The reason is obvious: eating a large chunk of ginger, as one does when consuming a piece of ginger candy, gives you a much greater concentration of ginger than do other methods.

Five of the most important benefits of ginger candy are as follows:

  1. It acts as a natural calmer of certain forms of gastrointestinal distress. Eating it along with other digestive aids, such as cinnamon and certain fruits, as suggested by a helpful WizeLife blog article, will double down on the benefits.
  2. Distinct, but closely related to, ginger candy's stomach-calming effects are its ability to fight nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, dizziness, and cold sweats. One 2005 study even concluded that ginger candy can relieve the intensity of prenatal vomiting and nausea.
  3. For centuries, herbal medicine has used ginger candy to combat inflammations. Only recently is science finally "catching up" and discovering ginger's anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, a number of studies reviewed in the Journal of Medicinal Food have confirmed that ginger "shares properties of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs" such as "ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin." Chewing on ginger candy is an especially effective way to harness ginger's anti-inflammatory powers and reduce inflammatory pains. 
  4. As an important subset of the anti-inflammatory benefit, the Journal of Medicinal Food has also noted that ginger has long been "used in Indonesian traditional medicine to treat the pain caused by arthritis."
  5. Certain studies have found that ginger has the ability to inhibit the growth of certain cancers, such as colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer. While the results are tenuous, since the studies were done on mice, the indications do look very promising. The antioxidants in ginger seem to have a tumor-fighting capability.

How to Eat Ginger Candy

Besides simply popping a piece of ginger candy into your mouth and enjoying its sweet, spicy flavor, there are other common methods of incorporating the benefits of ginger candy into your diet. Four ways to put ginger candy onto your menu are:

  1. Toss it into a citrus salad, along with other items like grapefruit, mandarin oranges, and kiwi. The ginger will help "balance out" the salad by reducing its overall acidity.
  2. Bake pieces of ginger candy into muffins, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, banana bread, and more. The bread will soak up some of the ginger's taste and aroma, making it blend it perfectly.
  3. Break up the ginger candy into small crumbles and sprinkle them over a bowl of ice cream. This is delicious and a much healthier way to top your ice cream than with colored sprinkles and processed chocolate sauces.
  4. Drop a piece of ginger candy into your cup of hot coffee. Wait for it to melt, and then stir. Spiced coffee can be very tasty, and ginger is a particularly good match for the flavor of coffee - though that may be somewhat surprising to discover the first time you try it.


The benefits of ginger candy are rather amazing. Here we have a rarity - a nutritious energy booster with a wonderful flavor and aroma. It offers gastrointestinal, anti-inflammatory, and possibly even anti-cancer benefits, and yet, it is delicious and relatively inexpensive.

Ginger candy, however, should only be one among many natural foods that you include in your diet. Living healthy in general is the key, and no single wonder food - not even ginger, can make up for an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are interested to check your health status, do not hesitate to utilize the free online health test at wizelife.net. The results can help you get a reference point from which to work and a goal toward which to work. Eating ginger candy instead of candy bars and other junk foods is one positive step towards a healthier you.