Why Losing Weight is Harder for Some Than Others 0



Why Losing Weight is Harder for Some Than Others

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Many men and women struggle to lose weight, or to keep off weight they have already lost. For those who find dieting hard, this new research could mean that losing weight becomes easier. Not only that, a personalized approach to health could allow them to reach the weight they have always wanted - and to stay there - without punishing diets or endless exercise regimes.


Weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance have become big issues in recent years. The latest CDC statistics show that over a third of of U.S. adults are obese. Obesity doesn’t sound so terrible until we recognize that heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers are related to obesity. Simply put, our extra weight can be killing us.


Why weight-loss diets may not work for you


So what do we do? We head for a diet book or weight-loss group. But for those whose metabolism is not standard, this is where the real pain begins - because the weight just doesn’t seem to go away, even though we’re sticking to the plan.


We may begin to feel ashamed, guilty and ‘wrong’ and that can lead us to comfort eating - which is just  another big stick to beat ourselves with. For many people, it’s just too tough to live that way for long, and yet every time we fall off the diet wagon we feel worse about ourselves, our appearance. and our will-power.


Science, personal health plans and diet success


Science is coming to the rescue of those who have always struggled to lose weight by helping people personalize their health plans so they can actually win the diet battle. At WizeLife we know what it’s like to fail to meet health goals, which is why we’ve designed a site that helps people understand why the standard diet book might not be working for them. But we don’t stop there - we help our readers explore their own personal health risks and determine a personal health plan that will allow them to enjoy life, eat well and improve their personal wellbeing.


Losing weight is tough. Better information about our individual bodies and the way they use food means we succeed more easily. What’s even better news is that we may finally be able to stop punishing ourselves for our inability to stick to a diet. The arrival of personally tailored diet advice will give us the ability to nourish ourselves, build our self-esteem and maintain our health without the pain of a restrictive set of food rules.


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