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Why Do I Gain Weight When I Start to Exercise?

There are numerous benefits associated with exercise, exercise being one of them. Well, it is a complete misconception that exercise reduces weight. I have seen many people asking “why do I gain weight when I start to exercise?

It has been proved through provocative studies that exercise increases weight. A study conducted by scientists at Arizona State University in Phoenix and published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research enlisted 81 healthy but sedentary adult women. Measured in relation to the BMI, it was revealed all women were overweight and had not exercised for the past 12 months. 

As reflected in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, heavy work out in the gym to burn calories doesn’t help as much as is expected for weight loss. The theory of weight-loss has existed as a no-brainer – eat correct and burn more calories through exercise. Remember, the amount of calories burnt, should exceed the intake amount. However, recent studies show that people who begin an exercise program end up with a weight gain. 

“Why do I gain weight when I start to exercise” - Reasons

The weight gain after starting an exercise program is temporary. If you are doing it all right, an increase by a few pounds on the weighing scale can be misleading. Here are some common reasons that increase your weight even after exercise.

  • Muscle Mass 

This is probably the most common reason for weight gain even after exercise and burning the right amount of calories. Exercise promotes the growth of muscle mass. If you are new to exercise and haven’t strained your muscles for long, they are likely to get sore, thereby getting inflamed and increasing in size. Although you have burnt fat, muscles have a higher density than fat. Therefore, the extra weight is in the muscles. 

However, if you stick to a particular exercise program, your muscles will achieve a consistent size and look toned. Once your muscles gain strength and capability to handle tough workouts, the process of burning calories would speed up. If you are still worried about “why do I gain weight when I start to exercise”, don’t keep yourself from exercising. ‘Keep moving’ is the key!

  • Eating Habits

Hard exercise and work out calls for replacement of burnt calories. For this reason, you might feel hungrier than normal, thus indulging yourself in eating more than usual. Many times, you are not even aware of the fact that you are overeating. This can, however, be controlled by maintaining a record of what you are eating and keeping a check on the calorie intake.

Simultaneously, under-eating or eating less than what is required can prove counterproductive and slow down the pace of weight loss. Therefore, it is recommended to eat, plenty to keep the body fueled. However, make sure to select healthy calories. This would help the body to recover and regain the energy consumed in a workout and put an end to the question, “why do I gain weight when I start to exercise”. 

  • Hydration

Your weigh scale results vary according to the time of the day you weigh yourself. Water in the body can be reason for weight fluctuations of as much as 5 to 10 pounds, depending upon the recent food and water intake or the amount of water loss through sweating. Therefore, make sure to check your weight at a fixed hour of the day every time. 

Whatever is the reason for weight gain after exercise, don’t lose heart. Exercise not only aids weight gain, it is also important for the overall well being and health. Your body might take time to recalibrate for the changes in eating habits and higher activity.  

When you start with any exercise regime, you will lose inches and become thinner, even while maintaining the previous body weight. Therefore, instead of using a weighing scale to determine the results, get your body tested for fat at regular intervals.

Exercising, getting fit and staying fit, needless to say, is very important. A good workout regimen can improve your health and ward away several diseases. It is also prudent that you also undergo periodic health tests, to ensure that you are in the best of your health! 


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