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What is WizeLife?

WizeLife is an entirely new way to measure your health.  And it’s free!

It allows you to use your computer or mobile device to keep track of your health. Using complex algorithm calculations based on medical research, reports and data it uses the answers you give to help calculate that balance of your health.  It not only allows you to assess your health today, but also to work out what you need to do to improve your health for your future.

Why is this important to you?

We all want to stay healthy and we are acutely aware of the issues around a poor diet or lack of exercise. But do we always take into account other family illnesses when thinking about our daily health? Do we even know what to look for? WizeLife will help give you the knowledge to make those important decisions for your future health.

How does WizeLife work?

WizeLife will look at your daily habits and combine them with your family medical history to predict the likelihood of health problems in the future. It gives you the information you need to keep you healthy and allows you to take preventative measures to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

WizeLife health assesment test

We will ask you a series of questions about your habits, but not just your eating habits. We will ask you about your exercise, stress levels, whether you smoke and also questions about your medical family history. Then we take that information and cross reference it with hundreds of medical studies to determine your health risks and strengths.

When the calculations are complete you will be presented with an easy to understand overview of your current health. What you are doing well, what isn’t so good and where you are at risk.

We will advise you about steps you may need to take to make improvements, setting goals to help you on your way.  You can then use WizeLife to monitor and measure those goals, making sure you stay on track.

So, that’s it.  Why not give it a try? See where your health is headed.

You answer the questions, we calculate the result and together we can work to improve your health. WizeLife is completely free – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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