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What is a Health Risk Assessment?

A Health Risk Assessment (also known as a HRA) is a health questionnaire that evaluates the health risks and quality of life of an individual. There are many different formats that an HRA can take. Usually the individual is asked to complete a questionnaire and are then given a risk calculation or score and some detailed feedback regarding their results.

The feedback can be given face-to-face or provided digitally, for example an online report.

What information goes into a Health Risk Assessment?

When completing a Health Risk Assessment, individuals will generally be asked a range of questions regarding the following:

  • Lifestyle data: smoking status, exercise levels, diet choices
  • Demographics: age, sex, geographical location
  • Physical data: height, weight, blood pressure
  • Medical history
  • Family medical history

Other questions can involve the individual’s specific health concerns. They may also be asked how much they are willing to change their current lifestyle in order to improve their health.

What are the results of HRAs used for?

If someone is concerned about their health risks, they can complete a Health Risk Assessment to give them more information about their risk levels as well as possible ways they could change their lifestyle in order to reduce those risks.

People are often interested in learning about their risk levels for the following conditions:

  • Heart issues
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Mental health

Depending on the condition in question, advice may be given in the assessment feedback about how the individual can reduce their risk. For example, if someone has a high risk of obesity related illnesses, information may be given about how to improve their diet, increase their exercise levels or generally improve their lifestyle.

HRAs are also commonly completed by individuals who have a family history of disease or illness and want to know if they themselves are at risk.

One specific type of HRA is used to identify the probability of adverse health effects on an individual after they have been exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals or environments.

Even if an individual has no specific health concerns and no family history of genetic diseases they may still choose to complete a HRA. The results can sometimes identify potential health risks that the individual was unaware of, as well as suggest ways to reduce that risk.

Health insurance companies such as Medicare often use HRAs to assess the abilities, risks and health needs of people wishing to seek cover with them.

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