What Everyone Needs to Know About Sugar Free Gum 0



What Everyone Needs to Know About Sugar Free Gum

You might chew gum to help freshen your breath or you might chew it to curb cravings for junk food or even nicotine. No matter what the reason, you and many other people likely do not pay much attention to the ingredients included in your chewing gum. While we do not swallow or ingest chewing gum, the ingredients in this item can be absorbed into the bloodstream at an extremely fast rate as the walls of the mouth are extremely permeable. You may have never sat back and questioned how bad is sugar free gum for you? The majority of chewing gums you will find in your supermarket are sugar free and they are toxic. There is a multitude of information that everyone needs to know about sugar free gum including the following.

Artificial Sweeteners

In order to keep calories to a minimum, chewing gum companies use artificial sweeteners to flavor their product. The most common sugar substitutes in sugar free gum are:

Basically, these artificial sweeteners were made with sugar and then turned into sugar alcohols. Your blood stream experiences the same effect as if you were eating regular sugar except these substitutes are much worse for us when consumed. These artificial sweeteners are in fact artificial and the body reacts to these foreign substances. Many people experience a variety of symptoms from sugar free gum and other sugar free products such as migraine, palpitations, dizziness and nausea. Aspartame is one of the most investigated artificial sweeteners and has since been banned in many countries. Many companies in the United States are now switching to safer, more accepted sugar substitutes as more and more people shy away from these products.

Other Ingredients

In addition to artificial sweeteners in sugar free gum there is also a variety of other ingredients that can be very dangerous when consumed. This includes BHT as a preservative, artificial flavorings and candelilla wax and gum base as bases. Titanium dioxide is also used in the production of chewing gum and if you need more convincing when it comes to how bad is sugar free gum for you?, take a look at the potential for titanium dioxide to cause cancer. This additive is so dangerous, you can develop cancer just from coming into contact with titanium dioxide on the surface of your skin, let alone chewing it in your mouth.

If you look into some of the various ingredients in chewing gum it is often very difficult to figure out what the source of these product are. Gum base, for example, can be made in a number of different ways in order to be created as a filler or a plasticizer. In case you were wondering, plasticizer is what it sounds like. You may actually be chewing on a PVC plastic product.

Acesulfame potassium is another common chewing gum ingredient and studies have confirmed that lab mice who were administered this ingredient were at a much higher risk of developing tumors and a variety of cancers. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has petitioned the Food And Drug Administration in an attempt to have this ingredient removed from food products but so far no action has been taken by the FDA despite the proof that Acesulfame potassium is a carcinogen.


One of the main demographics that sugar free gums are marketed to are those people who have diabetes. Chewing gum can alter their normal blood sugar levels but with sugar free gum, the claim is that this is a safe product to consume without having to worry. The truth is, artificial sweeteners can actually put you at a higher risk for developing diabetes or having uncontrolled diabetes. The reason for this is that the chemical makeup of these fake sugars can alter your gut health by changing and destroying necessary microbes in your intestinal tract. Without these microbes, proper absorption cannot take place and foods and other products can not be processed properly. Not to mention you can experience all kinds of intestinal issues from artificial sweeteners such as bloating, diarrhea, irritable bowels and pain.

Why Is Sugar Free Gum Still Around?

With all of the information available to consumers regarding the dangers of sugar free gum, many people wonder why these products are still available on store shelves. The answer is sad but true. Basically, while these artificial sweeteners are harmful to our health, politics and money are playing a bigger role. Companies are more concerned with marketing and selling their product than they are with supplying shoppers with a safe product. You can link aspartame and many other artificial sweeteners to a variety of health issues but yet this additive is still included not only in chewing gum but other products like soda, granola bars, cookies, candy and more. Despite health warnings all over the place, people are still purchasing these products which just keeps the cycle continuing.

Luckily, if you are someone who likes to chew on gum throughout the course of the day, there are other, more natural options available. While you may not find these products in the checkout aisle of your local grocer, you can usually head to a natural foods store to find products that are sweetened with natural sweetener alternatives like agave, honey and xylitol. Removing sugar free gum and artificially sweetened products from one’s diet can lead to the elimination of many health concerns. Many people do not even realize the symptoms they experience from these products but after ceasing their use, people often step back and realize how much better they feel.


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