UCSF and Cisco Are Creating Together an Integrated Health Platform 0



UCSF and Cisco Are Creating Together an Integrated Health Platform

UC San Francisco (UCSF) is a leading university in the US that is committed to delivering state-of-the-art healthcare opportunities worldwide by utilising graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, sophisticated biomedical research and high-quality patient care. Too often, UCSF has seen to be venturing into leading innovative and groundbreaking healthcare projects. Although it is popularly believed that, no single institution can cater to the next decade's health, education and research issues therefore, it is important to establish new partnerships that can effectively address such challenges in the future.

In order to develop creative and novel ideas that can tackle growing healthcare challenges worldwide, UCSF has collaborated with Cisco. It is a worldwide leader in the IT sector and is famously known for its various innovative projects for several key sectors. UCSF and Cisco have partnered to launch an initiative to create an interoperability platform for the healthcare system, which will enable multiple entities to share health care information. The idea behind the initiative is to provide health systems, application vendors and providers access to relevant health information from different sources, which they can share and incorporate when and where they need it.

This platform will serve as an important role in offering accurate, secure and timely data suitable for real-time patient care. It is estimated that 94% of hospitals and 78% of physicians use certified electronic health records, which makes it difficult for other health systems to access if they do not use the same system. The U.S Office of National Coordinator for health Information Technology suggests that gaps in health interoperability are costing the U.S economy billions of dollars every year. Consequently, one in three patients is burdened by providing their personal health information when seeking for medical assistance.

In order to fill the gaps, UCSF and Cisco plan to build a collaborative centre at the UCSF's Mission Bay Campus. In this centre, staff from both institutions will work together, along with leading global health technology entities to test and measure the interoperability platform on various devices, IT systems and software to judge its scope. According Michael Blum, MD, UCSF associate vice chancellor and director believes that the biggest challenge faced by healthcare today is the 'fragmentation of information.' This specific challenge has given rise to issues such as lack of timely healthcare information, which leads to delays in diagnosis, costly care and dissatisfied patients due to poor healthcare.

In our fast-paced digital age, which is submerged in social media, apps and mobile communications, such gaps are unacceptable by patients and providers. Cisco has developed several IT solutions for leading businesses in key sectors, its ability to digitally connect data, processes, experiences and analytics over multiple industries will hopefully do wonder for the healthcare system as well. Cisco aims to work with leading innovators at UCSF to develop real-time creation and deployment of applications that concentrate on specific healthcare interoperability challenges. Cisco analytics will generate valuable insights that will convert raw data into strategic business information. To take it a step further, the platform will also integrate information from multiple sources that are outside the clinical environment such as wearable sensors, home monitors, personal health applications and consumer devices. There are several gains to be experienced in the future, if this platform succeeds in its execution.


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