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The Dangers of Alkaline Water

What is Alkaline Water

Water enriched with alkaline minerals is thought to be important for good health and longevity, as a balanced management and disposal of acidic waste products is key to a well-functioning body. Minerals, including calcium, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, iron, and zinc, can remove toxins from your body and purify your system.

An ionizer removes some of the acid from the water and levels out the pH, which is intended to give you water with less fluoride, sediment, and chlorine. There are numerous articles which state that alkaline water is lighter and more easily absorbed into your body, but there has been no scientific evidence to prove this true. Another source states that alkaline water is enriched with oxygen, which is important in anti-aging and bone health.

Similarly, alkaline water has some qualities i natural mineral spring water, and both have been used to refresh the skin and alleviate acne flare-ups. Alkaline water has also been used as a natural disinfectant and for cleaning vegetables and toilets.

How is Alkaline Water Made

There are many different ways to obtain alkaline water. You can make it yourself, buy a water ionizer, alkaline drops, alkaline powder, alkaline filters, or reverse osmosis.

  • Making it at home: This requires lemons or limes squeezed into lukewarm, filtered water. It is the simplest method, but does not offer the most alkalized water. Basically, it is highly acidic and refreshing water, but does not have the benefits or negatives of other alkaline water.
  • Water ionizer: The equipment and installation can be costly, but give you perfectly balanced alkaline water straight from your tap every time. It turns normal water into alkaline through an ionization process that results in antioxidant rich H2O. The ionizer cuts the molecules in your water down, and removes bacteria, metals, pesticides, and chemicals from your tap water.
  • pH drops: Average in price, this drop is administered to your water and gives you the boost associated with balanced pH levels in water. They can decrease the bacteria in tap water, a great advantage when considering potential alkaline water dangers.
  • Alkaline powder: This powder is similar to baking powder bought in a box. A lot of powder is required to alkalize your tap water, and then you are consuming high levels of the powder, as you need to drink at least eight glasses of the water a day.
  • Filters: The most commonly known filter is the Brita® pitcher; a jug that simply filters your tap water into cleaner, balanced water.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This is the most expensive method and is highly energy inefficient, and is usually only used in larger facilities.

A Hazard to Your Health

Simply filtering your water can be good for you as it rids what you are drinking of toxins, chemicals, and harsh minerals that are bad for your body and health. Alkalinized water is not good for you in large amounts and has been shown to make people very ill and unhealthy. To have successful results and avoid alkaline water dangers, you have to monitor the pH levels very closely, or you will consume too much, injuring yourself.

The body needs acid, especially within the stomach, and alkaline water removes the acid from your body. Removing toxins is good for you, but not at the risk of losing the acid you need to have. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance and with the proper diet and exercise, consuming alkaline water is not necessary.

In closing, a highly acidic diet can lead to unbalanced pH levels and can lead to tooth decay, hair loss, bone degeneration, skin maladies, and much more. There are many methods that can be used to combat these negatives, and if you choose alkaline water to do so, then exercise extreme caution. You want to be healthy, active, successful, and happy, but you don’t want to decrease the number of years you live or give yourself long-term health issues due to potential alkaline water dangers.

Be you! Be responsible! Be beautiful!

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