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The Benefits of Himalayan Salt

The type of salt you consume does matter. Table salt that has been processed and stripped of its original minerals doesn't compare to unadulterated natural salt.  Himalayan salt is particularly special because of where it is sourced.  Not in the contaminated oceans but in the mountains of Pakistan. It is said to be the purest salt on earth. 

Some benefits of Himalayan salt 

  • PMS relief

  • Better hydration

  • Increased bone strength

  • Healthier respiratory system

  • Prevention of muscle cramps

  • Promotes cellular pH balance

  • Increased libido

  • Better sleep quality

  • Prevention of goiters and overall thyroid balance

  • Better metabolic functions

Strong Bones

Calcium alone isn’t enough to make strong healthy bones. Other minerals like magnesium and phosphorous work in conjunction with calcium to build bones in the body. Unrefined salt like Himalayan salt has these valuable minerals. Use it in place of your table salt to reap the benefit of strong bones.

Healthy Blood Pressure

The idea that salt is inherently bad for the body and shows up in the form of water retention and elevated blood pressure isn’t accurate. In the same design that a single vegetable or  fruit are a perfect balance of fiber, water and nutrients, natural unrefined Himalayan salt is a perfect balance of minerals and salt. It is the proper balance of magnesium, calcium and a host of over 80 other minerals in balance that improve blood pressure and proper balance of water in the body.  

According to Dr. Mercola  “Unrefined natural salt is important to many biological processes, including:

  • Being a major component of your blood plasma, lymphatic fuid, extracellular    fluid, and even amniotic fluid

  • Carrying nutrients into and out of your cells

  • Maintain and regulate blood pressureIncreasing the glial cells in your brain,        which are responsible for creative thinking and long-term planning.

  • Helping your brain communicate with your muscles, so that you can move on demand via sodium-potassium ion exchange ”

He goes on to add that in 25 years of scientific studies there is no evidence that a low salt diet provides any benefit.


Not just for internal benefit, another one of the benefits of Himalayan salt is that it is an excellent detoxifier when used externally.

According to Natural News, “Himalayan salt's impressive mineral profile also lends it well to external detoxification. For example, you can't find a better salt than Himalayan salt in which to bathe; its minerals and negative ions easily penetrate the skin, producing a cleansing and detoxifying effect that can leave your skin and mind feeling rejuvenated and invigorated for hours thereafter. Likewise, Himalayan salt has a positive effect on our air. It's not a coincidence that virtually all reputable salt lamps are made using Himalayan salt rather than table salt or sea salt; its negative ions bind themselves to positive ions in the air, neutralizing it and ridding it of pollutants.”

Healthy Joints and Muscles

Himalayan salt is mineral-rich.  This quality has an alkalizing effect on the body. An alkalized body is naturally anti-inflammatory and because of this joint conditions and muscle pain are soothed by Himalayan salt consumption.  Try making salt sole and have a small amount each morning before you eat your first meal. Try an additional teaspoon after your fitness routine to stave off muscle soreness.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Do you know another one of the benefits of Himalayan salt is that it can ease PMS syptoms? There are two ways Himalayan salt can help with symptoms of PMS. The minerals magnesium and potassium in it are a muscle relaxing cocktail powerhouse. Combined they also help the body shed excess water while relieving muscle tension associated with PMS.

Allergies, Asthma & Sinus Infections

Using Himalayan salt in a nettie pot to irrigate your sinuses is an excellent fast and natural way to alleviate sinus problems, cough and congestion and seasonal allergies. Dr. Oz shows in this video how it helps with asthma using a Himalayan salt inhaler.   Addtional salt therapy benefits studies: 

  • A 2006 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that inhaling hypertonic saline improved lung function in people with cystic fibrosis.

  • Also in 2006, a study of cigarette smokers, published in the European Respiratory Journal, found that inhaling aerosolized salt temporarily improved smoking-related symptoms such as coughing and mucus production.

Now that you know of some of the many benefits of Himalayan salt, another great reason to chose it is because it tastes great!  This is because it is unrefined vs. table salt which is refined then reinfused with anti-caking agents and iodine.  It is widely available in speciality markets, online and in health food stores. Make the switch today and see how your health benefits from it.  

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your health start here with our WizeLife health test.



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