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Tasty & Spicy Wasabi Peas Health Benefits

Wasabia japonica (wasabi) is a root grown only in a few areas in the world. Northern Japan, Taiwan, parts of China, New Zealand, and Korea. Rain forests on the Oregon coast and a few areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee in North America are successful in growing natural wasabi.

Wasabi is used in all kinds of recipes including snacks-fiery and tasty.  Wasabi peas health benefits are twofold.  Peas have protein, iron, and vitamins and wasabi is fired up with health benefits. The recipe is easy to make and wasabi peas health benefits are like icing on the cake-without the calories.

There seems to be a pill promoted all the time to get healthy but how about taking back your health in a natural way. Kind'a simple-like tow peas in a pod. Snacking can be healthy-wasabi peas health benefits are raising to the medical forefront…

Wasabi Health Benefits

The nutritional values for real wasabi –serving size 1 cup, sliced. Total fat is 1 gram with 6 grams of protein and 0 for sugar. And of course peas are at the top of the healthy vegetable chain. Wasabi pea’s health benefits make it a great snacking substitute. They are a low calorie food-great for that weight loss program. Skip the chips and other high calorie snacks and choose some crunchy wasabi peas.

Wasabi peas health benefits go beyond healthy snacking and weight loss…

  • Parkinsons disease- wasabi-an important spice in Japan, has a promising component in it that is under further investigation for modification treatment of PD.
  • Respiratory tract & Sinusitis- wasabi can work as a defense against respiratory tract pathogens. The release of allyl isothiocyanate, the gaseous component of wasabi, can clear the sinuses helping heal those with bronchitis, seasonal allergies and the common cold.
  • Osteoarthritis- wasabi is used in treating osteoarthritis in folk remedies.  It has healing components that work as inflammatory relieving the pain in the joints and muscles of your body.
  • Digestion- wasabi peas health benefits concerning the digestive tract are proven to get rid of those harmful toxins hanging out in your body. It has the components to fight pylori bacteria.
  • Cancer- adding wasabi regularly to your diet, but not overdoing it, can prevent certain types of cancer. Wasabia japonica (wasabi) has been shown to exhibit properties of detoxification, anti-inflamation and the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells. Wasabi is a functional food for chemoprevention.
  • Natural sanitizer- has the ability to fight e-coli & staphylococcus.
  • Prevention of cavities- the strong pungent components have the ability to fight against the germs associated with the mouth, gums, and teeth.
  • Asthma- wasabi is among the foods that naturally expand the blood vessels.
  • Liver health- wasabi is part of the brassica vegetable family and contributes to the detoxification and cleansing of out body.
  • IBS- wasabi peas health benefits for irritable bowel syndrome are amazing and convenient. Not only are they healthy-but with IBS it is better to eat small meals. The peas fit right in with an easy snack that has healing components as an added benefit.

Wasabi peas health benefits are astounding. Talk about dynamite coming in small packages. Adding some wasabi peas to your daily diet can promote an overall change to all your health needs. And when we are healthy-we feel good.

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