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Juice Cleanse – Does It Work?

Juice cleanse or liver and kidney detoxifier is a fasting process in which a person only consumes fruit and vegetable juices and stays away from any kind of food consumption.It is supposed to rid your body of all kinds of toxins thereby improving the functioning of internal organs. Its other perceived benefits include skin care and weight loss which makes it a popular health trend among Hollywood celebrities. The benefits and risks of juice cleanses have been widely debated, but no conclusive evidence has been found.

Drinking fluids extracted from healthy fruits and vegetables, surely improves health. There is no doubt about that! But opting for a juice diet that detoxifies your body from harmful toxins is questionable. It is an appealing idea and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. But is it effective? And more importantly, is it safe? Let us explore some issues regarding juice cleanse to find out if it really works:

Why is it so popular?

The appeal of going on a juice diet looks promising on the surface. Many celebrities have endorsed it, but science has not been able to provide conclusive evidence on its effectiveness. The evidence has always been anecdotal with people claiming that juice diets lead to more energy, healthier skins and better functioning digestive systems. These effects may be caused by fresh juices in general and not juice cleanses.

Does it work?

There has been a lack of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the benefits or risks of juice cleanses. However, most experts agree that juice diets are not necessary to remove toxins from your body. Real cleanse occurs at the cellular level through a process called autophagy. Fortunately, through this process our body is able to regenerate itself and become better. Although, giving up junk food really does help but it is no evidence that juice cleanse works on its own. These juice diets, however, can be psychologically motivating encouraging you to leave junk food altogether.

Will you lose weight?

Juice cleanse sometimes promises weight loss. You might lose weight over a certain period, but once you start eating solid food, it will go back to its original state. Another thing to consider is that people stop their calorie burning exercises like walking when they are on a juice cleanse which can have adverse consequences once you are off juice cleanse.

What are the risks?

The risks of drinking fresh and healthy juices may be hard to imagine, but these juice cleanses may cause different problems. The risks include dehydration, nausea and fatigue. Your diet causes you to miss out on very essential nutrients like protein and fiber for a few days which can prove to be quite dicey.

All in all, the risks outweigh the potential benefits of juice cleanse. So far, there are no scientific evidence in its favor but who knows what the future may hold. A better option would be to eat the same healthy fruits that you would find in a juice cleanse and compliment them with essential nutrients.

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