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How to Get More All-Day Energy

How to Get More Energy and Zap Fatigue

You are a thirty something female, with a career, spouse and family and want to know how to get more energy. You have all the natural desires of a thirty something female, such as to be a beautiful person inside and out, always looking good, even during sleep. You just need to find out how to get more energy.

You eat a balance diet, read all you can about exercise and fitness and enjoy participation and viewing sports.You desire to become fit in mind and body, healthy and successful in all your endeavors with your career and family life.You realize a high level of success at work and in your personal relationships.You love all the new technology that seems to make your life easier at home and at work, yet you need to find out how to get more energy to meet these demands.

In spite of this, you feel fatigued most days and need to know how to get more energy. You constantly feel like you are running faster every day with more demands on you in every facet of your life, spouse, children, house, work, and friends in need, how do you get more energy?

In view of the fact that you are doing all you can to slow down the aging process and desire to feel and stay younger to keep up with your children, your energy level seems to be on a downward spiral. You  want to learn how to get more energy, using only positive tools.  

  • You eat three balanced meals every day. "Have a protein powered breakfast"

  • Avoid empty carbohydrates

  • Have a great exercise plan with six days of exercise

  • Take a top rated vitamin supplement

  • Read all you can about physical fitness

  • Drink plenty of water, and 100% fruit juices, and avoid energy drinks, caffeine and soda

  • Get plenty of sunshine, but protect your skin

Males, females, some younger children, adolescents, and yes, even seniors want to find out how to get more energy. One thing to remember is, fatigue is not due to the aging process.

How to Get More Energy Is By Finding What is Zapping Your Energy Level?

How you manage your days dictate your how you get more energy. How to get more energy during the day is by first realizing there are many positive aspects in your life, you just have to think about these positive things. How to get more energy is by not dwelling on the negatives in your life. It is how we manage our days, our thinking process and our emotions that dictate our energy levels. 

Do not let your busy life rob you of all the things in your life that does add zest and energy to your body. Take time for yourself. How to get more energy in your life is by practicing positive living

  • Eat plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables

  • Eat more turkey, chicken, and fish, such as water packed tuna, and less red meat

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, avoid soda, too much caffeine, and energy drinks

  • Never skip a well balanced healthy breakfast

  • Eat about every four hours, which includes three balanced meals per day and three healthy snacks

  • Refer to a balance diet food chart, such as the original food pyramid or My Plate as a guide to eating the correct foods in the right portions

  • Avoid fast food meals, deep-fried anything and sweets.

  • Note sleep pattern and aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night

  • Take a good look at how you handle the stresses in life

  • Look at an individualized exercise plan just for you

  • Take time to pamper yourself. Indulge in a long, hot, relaxing candle light bath or shower with a glass of red wine

  • Enjoy a shopping spree

  • Get-a-way for the weekend with friends or family

  • Lunch with a co-worker

  • Have a date night with your beloved

  • Listen to soft, comforting music as much as possible. Music soothes the soul

  • Exercise, deep breathing throughout the day. Not expanding your lungs to full capacity can cause fatigue

  • Join a Yoga class

  • Learn to meditate daily

  • Take a quick 15 minute power nap


How to get more energy is by releasing any negative Issues in your life. The medical professionals have known for some time that your mind plays an important role in your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

  • Constant worry

  • Angry outbursts and harboring anger or grudges

  • Depression

  • Resentment

  • True jealousy of someone or something

  • Mean spirited

  • Conniving

  • Trouble making

  • Strife

You now know the basics of how to get more energy by "Managing your energy and not your time". Take our health test today and embrace all the positives that life has to offer you. 


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