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How to empty your fat storage

„It seems I´ve gained some weight. I need to let some fat out... “

Could it be done? Fat cells are just like reservoirs, where the excess fat will be transported and stored. Would it be possible to open the “store door” and empty the fat cell?

Yes. You are the one who controls them and you have the key. But the key is not like we know – ordinary metallic key or a plastic door card. The key is more like a balance scale. When system is balanced – the fat is not stored, when balance is disturbed the fat cell door will be opened either to store additional fat or to empty the store. How to influence the balance in a right direction?

The answer is to master your body´s energy production.

We have approximately 37 trillion of cells in our body, each of which has its own energy plant, that produces the energy that is needed to fulfill its functions.

Our bodies are built up in a very smart way. Like in outside world, where we can produce energy from oil or wind or water – our bodies also use different energy sources, like carbs, fats or proteins.

Like in outside world – the different energy sources have different efficiency. Fat produces the highest energy. That is why our cells prefer to produce energy from fat, and that is why whenever there is an excess of fat - our body starts to store it as a valuable asset.

But why do we have excess fat in our bodies? It might be because we eat too much fat, but more likely, it is because we eat too much carbs.

If our body cells can choose, they choose fat to produce energy. Because it is more efficient – for same amount of work you get almost twice the energy. Carbs and proteins are used additionally when there is a need for fast energy burst (during training or physical activity). So in principle fats should be burned as priority.

But in case we eat too much carbs, we force our body to switch from fats to carbs. Why? Carbs are metabolized into glucose. If we eat too much carbs the blood glucose level raises. High blood glucose level is very harmful, destroying blood vessel walls and creating destruction. Our body understands that threat, and smartly switches from fat-energy production to carb-energy production. This switch helps to decrease blood glucose level.

But it creates two problems – our cells have to work several times more to produce the energy that is needed to perform their function and the fat is left over.

If our body is constantly working more than necessary (producing energy from carbs), we start to feel tired, less energetic, and may experience some other symptoms. If the fat is left over - the excessive fat will be stored into fat cells and we will start to complain about increased weight or waistline.

So - how to empty these fat storages?

Pay more attention to carbs / sweets in your food – scale down significantly with sweet drinks, like sodas, scale down in sugar, cakes and candies. Your body will be totally OK if you treat yourself with sweets once per week, especially when you are not physically active.

If you want something sweet – eat fruits.

If you plan to eat sweets (carbs), brief moderate exercise for 5 minutes within 30 minutes before eating would avoid blood glucose level to go up and helps to secure right energy pathway.

If you are not an “exercise type” – please remember any physical activity is better than nothing.

Remember also, that if you exercise regularly - you need more carbs also. So if you exercise at least 30 minutes per day, one treat per day (glass of soda, ice-cream or cakes) is totally OK.

If you manage to keep your blood glucose levels normal, your body starts to use fats as energy source and in case your energy consumption increases it also starts to use fats from storage.


Please share with us your thoughts and experiences how you have managed to “empty your fat storage”.



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