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How to create a heart attack

It is not at all easy to create a heart attack. It takes years of hard work and dedication. But in case you are ready for that – then here are some helpful tips:

1. First of all, to secure a strong base for a heart attack, we need to injure our blood vessels in the heart.

So, how can we do that? To injure the blood vessels from inside, we need something that is carried by blood, something harmful, and destructive. Luckily there are several things easily available.

Nicotine is one of them. It might be unpleasant at first, but you would get used to smoking pretty soon and your brain helps by creating an addiction. Nicotine has a powerful capacity to release millions of free radicals in your bloodstream (Things that are going to attack blood vessel walls and create destruction). Nicotine is especially efficient as it creates long lasting free radicals that are capable of causing widespread harm over a long period of time.

If you are not able to smoke, then consuming sugar in large quantities is also very helpful. If you manage to achieve high levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood, then it also starts to damage the blood vessels. And what a sweet damage it is! As it is difficult to eat sugar on its own, sweet drinks or juices, or even sweet tea and coffee are good for raising sugar levels quickly. These sometimes contain as much as a glass of sugar per bottle. And of course, don’t forget candies, cakes, and other bakeries which can be full of sugar!

Having high blood pressure works too! It acts like a hammer on your vessels, creating destruction with every heartbeat. To keep blood pressure high: eat additional salt. If you cannot eat pure salt, use chips, crisps or wide range of other delicious salty foods.

To make the damage occur faster, avoid the following:

  • Beware of eating fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants. These could neutralize the damage done by free radicals from smoking.
  • Do not exercise! Exercise would decrease your blood glucose levels, and diminish the efforts you are building up with sugar.

2. The next step in creating a heart attack is to have a nice, long lasting infection within harmed regions.

For that we do not need to do anything. Our body will take care of that. Whenever there is harm, there will be an inflammation. We just need to make sure it would last. Ongoing addition of free radicals (smoking), mechanical pressure (high blood pressure) and harmful chemicals (high concentration of glucose) would all help.

Beware of taking omega oils or eating fish or walnuts. Omega oils would help to control the inflammation and consequently heal the damage. Lot of your work could be spoiled by that.

3. Then we need to create nice big cholesterol blockages (plaques) within the blood vessel walls.

If you manage to keep the inflammation long enough, then different substances like cholesterol, start to build up in the harmed area, forming plaques inside the blood vessel walls. Do not stop damaging your blood vessels, and keep the high inflammation levels. Otherwise your achievement might disappear and all the long effort would be wasted.

Now you are almost there. Just one more step to go!

4. For the final step, you need one of these plaques to rupture and close the blood vessel.

For that, the ongoing inflammation and attacks from free radicals would be helpful again. They help to dissolve the cover of the plaque, so it could rupture from the blood vessel wall and hopefully close some major blood vessels. 

High blood pressure with its mechanical impact is a great help here.

5. Now all the components for a perfect heart attack are ready – just wait for it to happen.

There are some downsides to this – unfortunately this harm is not heart specific, it damages the vessels all over your body (including your brain, eyes, legs, and kidneys etc.). So it might be that you will get some other event first; for example a stroke, kidney failure, leg amputations or blindness. But if you do it right, the chances that you will get heat attack first are also pretty good.


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