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Health benefits of asparagus juice

Every day, more and more people turn to the wholesome, natural health benefits of fruits and vegetables - and whether you love it or hate it, the health benefits of asparagus juice (or even just asparagus) are plenty.

The Facts about Asparagus

In one 5-spear portion of whole asparagus, you'll  find (from Asparagus Lovers):

  • 2.3g protein

  • 1.7g fiber

  • 1.5g sugar-based carbs

  • .5g fat.

  • 215 mcg Pro Vitamin A

  • 12mg Vitamin C

  • 1.16mg Vitamin E

  • .7mg of Iron

  • 27mg of Calcium

  • 138mcg Folate

  • 260mg of Potassium

That's 60% of your daily value of folate, which is important in blood formation and helps prevent liver disease. In addition, it makes up 20% of your day's Vitamin C, and 12% of your day's Vitamin B1, which both contain important antioxidants. Among other things, asparagus is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a healthy heart.  A small percentage of nutritional value is lost in the juicing process, however, the health benefits of asparagus juice packs a powerful punch.

Alkaline pH is one of the Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice

Asparagus is an alkaline food, which means that asparagus juice is quite basic on the pH scale. This is one of the best health benefits of asparagus juice, as it reduces the acidity in your tissues and cleans up your blood.

Because of this, asparagus is recommended for those suffering from anemia and even diabetes, especially when combined with other juices.  Right alongside a serving of cashews, studies have shown that folic acid is extremely important during pregnancy, asparagus is a great source.

Antioxidants all the way

Another of the many health benefits of asparagus juice is the fact that it's one of the very few veggies to contain the antioxidant glutathione, or 'the master antioxidant'. Glutathione helps all of the rest of your body's antioxidants perform effectively, and while your body produces it naturally, that decreases with age.

Glutathione is capable of single-handedly improving eye health, slowing, if not altogether stopping, the formation and progression of cataracts. Even without factoring in all of the other health benefits of asparagus juice, this in itself is enough to sell many on drinking a glass a day.

Asparagus Juice helps with Pain Management

Asparagus and asparagus juice are natural diuretics, or a substance that stimulates the production of urine. As such, it's an anti-inflammatory and can assist with the pain associated with arthritis. It also has been said to help with 'bloated' feelings and the water-retention that comes along with menstruation.

Another of the health benefits of asparagus juice, is its effect on your kidneys. It even goes so far as to break up many cases of kidney stones, though those who have advanced kidney troubles should see a doctor before they try asparagus juice just to be on the safe side.

All of the Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice can Improve your Mood

Because of the wide variety of vitamins and minerals contained within asparagus - or possibly because the health benefits of asparagus juice clear up so many of your other health-related issues - you'll likely find that this is unexpectedly effective in helping you fight off depression. All over the world, it's said that asparagus naturally lifts the mood. Some individuals use it as a comfort food, while in other parts of the world asparagus is used as an aphrodisiac.

Asparagus can be eaten raw or cooked, whole or chopped up, fresh or frozen, but one of the simplest ways to add asparagus to your everyday diet is to drink asparagus juice. The health benefits of asparagus juice are easily comparable to the most vitamin-packed fruit and veggie juices on the market, but few of them can boast such great antioxidant quantities as well.

Of course, adding one thing to your diet is usually not enough, even taking the health benefits of asparagus juice into account. Good health is a lifestyle, and the first step to a healthy lifestyle begins with taking a health test to help your self-assessment, and also with learning all of the need-to-know information about your health.


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