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From Wizeapple to WizeLife

From Wizeapple to WizeLife

Wizeapple has become WizeLife, thus better reflecting our own devotion in our quest to give our customers a gift of additional years of full and healthy life.

Today we’re introducing our new look, inspired by our customers and by the work we do.

Why we do it

There are 1,3 bln people worldwide struggling with differenchronic health conditions to whom wise changes in their life can give additional healthy life years. Wizelife connects science with people, giving them the tools and power to manage their own health, aiming for additional healthy life years.

WizeLife Healt Manager

WizeLife has developed a system that complies a plan, based on your health information, and choosing from 12 million possible steps, that gives you the maximum benefit to your health. It gives you a good understanding of what you can change and how much will you benefit.

Features of it are:

Free health assessment

Take a new, version 2.0 WizeLife health test and find out how the risk factors connected with your lifestyle and habits impact your health


Free Health Assessment - click HERE


Picture of your health

Get an overview of your current health condition and learn what you yourself can do to help fix your problems and improve your quality of life

Health Market

Bargain with yourself: decide how much health you would like to gain and what changes you would be ready to make in your life

See how much health improvement you can achieve

Benefit from the step by step management plan

Based on your test results and generated specifically for you

Based on evidence from scientific studies worldwide, aiming to give you the maximum health benefit

Selected from among 102 million options

Including Failure Management

Including Reminder and Support System

Knowledge is a power

Get medically accurate information relevant to your health situation

Become the master of your health knowledge

Health Manager

Recieve reminders as to when and what kind of tests and consultations are necessary to keep you safe.


Coming Soon

Expected go-live November 2016, ordering  starting on Sept. 29th!

The first 100 packages will go to the quickest at a 50% discount!

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Free Health Assessment - click HERE


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