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Food Additives that are Banned

We are all aware that packaged or processed foods are not fit for your health. However, it’s a surprise to discover food additives that are banned in European countries and other advanced countries around the world, are not prohibited in the US and regulated safe by FDA instead of considering them as food additives that are banned.

In reality, thousands of US food products are manufactured with different substances many being food additives that are banned in nations like Canada, France, Germany and even UK. You are probably aware of countries that have prohibited the use of GMOs in their food production, yet FDA in the US regulates them safely. Here is a list of food additives that are banned in several nations apart from the US.

Olean/ Olestra

It’s a manufactured low-fat products comprising of no fat and cholesterol and also used in cooking oil. Gamble and Proctor first created it as a replacement for unhealthy oils and as a food additive. Nevertheless, it was later discovered that besides extracting fat from foods, it blocks the body’s ability of vitamin and essential minerals absorption. Used in fried foods like potato chips or fries, it’s been linked to weight gain, cramps, bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal problems. They are food additives that are banned in countries like Canada and the UK, but are still being kept as legal by FDA.

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)

They are food additives that are banned in other countries apart from the US. They're used in sodas and sports drinks so as to give drinks high homogenized colors and keep flavor oils in beverages. They're poisonous such that they're banned in more than 100 nations, and merely two ounces of a 2% solution of the oil can badly poison a kid. The product is driven from soy or corn then bounded with bromine. When the body absorbs bromine, it causes iodine deficiency by replacing iodine. The oil increases the risk of infertility, thyroid problems, ovary cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Potassium Bromate

They are food additives that are banned in many nations including China, Brazil, and even the European Union. They are used as potent oxidizing agents due to their ability improve the elasticity and bleach dough. They are frequent in the baking industry to make the process of baking fast and cheap, and the end product is fluffy, unnaturally white and much softer. They are linked to cancer, neurological disorder and kidney problems


They are frequently utilized as frying oils for reheating and cooling in lots of fast-food eateries. Both BHT/BHA are also used as a preservatives in gums and candies, processed meat, and even cereals. They are food additives that are banned in Japan and European countries apart from the US. They don’t pose a lot of damage except cancer and baldness, physical and mental retardation, fetal abnormalities, kidney and liver damage, loss of energy, increased appetite and insomnia.


It’s a common bleaching agent in baking pastries, cakes, and white bread. It’s the reason bread is soft and fresh after some few days of manufacturing. In Australia and most European countries, they food additives that are banned and some countries like Singapore have imposed severe penalties for using it. It’s linked to allergies and asthma.

Synthetic food dyes and artificial food coloring

They are food additives that are banned in many nations like Finland, UK, Austria, France, and Norway. However, partially all food products from the US ranging from cakes, sports drinks and cereals, cheese to candies or cakes have them. They are manufactured from chemicals driven from petroleum and are linked to hyperactivity in children, brain cancer, and neurological problems.


They are toxic chemical substances that cause cancer or even kill in high doses. It's surprising that food industries add them to chickens' meat to make them look fresh and pink. They are food additives banned in the European Union for use in chickens’ feed.


Also referred to as methylene oxide or methanol, they are toxic, flammable gasses used in the production of personal care products like shampoo, bleaching agents and fertilizers. They are added to processed foods like noodle meat or milk for extending shelves life by Food companies and are food additives that are banned in many countries apart from the US.

FDA regulate them as food additives. A long-term exposure to them can cause cancer and short term exposure causes nausea, skin irritation, headaches, asthma, burning or watery eyes. They are food additives that are banned in countries like the European Union.

Neonicotinoid pesticides

France banned this pesticide yet the US Department of Agriculture considers it legal. The pesticide can cause neurological complications.

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