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Benefits of Coconut Water in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate condition, which needs a lot of care with regard to health. Talking about health, a pregnant person ought to watch what they consume as some foods and drinks may have adverse effects. In pregnancy, you should avoid most processed foods and carbonated drinks. It is understandable that sometimes, cravings can mislead an expectant woman. Here are some of the top benefits of coconut water in pregnancy.

Natural Minerals

Unlike most fruits and nuts, tender coconut water contains such useful minerals as potassium, chlorides, magnesium and essential electrolytes. These, along with such minerals as calcium, help boost the development of the baby. Additionally, they are useful in maintaining optimal metabolism in the body.


Unlike the caffeinated and carbonated drinks which cause dehydration, coconut water helps rehydrate the body. Hydration helps your body eliminate tiredness or fatigue. This happens because the coconut water replenishes the essential natural salts in the body. Research indicates that coconut water is a good substitute for the sweetened drinks such as processed juices.

Boosts Immunity

Just like most tropical fruits, coconut water has minerals that boost your immunity and enhance the functionality of the kidney. Since it is also good in hydrating the body, it prevents the potential failure of such key organs as the liver and the kidney. With a well functioning liver, immunity issues are minimal. Further coconut water will protect you against such serious conditions as kidney stones.

Removes Morning Sickness

A good number of pregnant mothers swear that consuming coconut water on an empty stomach prevents nausea and the dreadful morning sickness, which is a common side effect of pregnancy. It is important to note that consuming coconut water on a full stomach may not be a brilliant idea after all. It is therefore advisable that if your primary aim is to deal with nausea and morning sickness, drink the water very early in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.

Eliminates Constipation and Acidity

Among the most disturbing side effects of pregnancy is acidity which causes heart burns. One you are expectant, it is likely that acidity will affect you in different ways. For instance, your appetite becomes suppressed and this may lead to weight loss. Such poor appetite is caused by acidity and heart burns. Consuming among the primary benefits of coconut water in pregnancy is the fact that it reduces or eliminates constipation and acidity.

Not Aerated

Your doctor must have mentioned a couple or so times that consuming aerated drinks is detrimental to your health, especially when you are expectant. Aerated drinks have so many demerits as they cause dehydration and drying of the skin. Suzanne Allen says, “Many sodas contain caffeine, which acts as a diuretic…” Such aerated drinks as cola can have adverse effects on the developing baby because, according to doctors, the carbon in the drink has the same effect as a cigarette. Unlike such drinks, coconut water is all natural, and has not dehydrating effects. It therefore becomes a good substitute for caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea.

Maintains a Healthy Skin

Coconut water has a multiplicity of benefits for your skin. Foremost, coconut water is good for hydrating the skin. The isotonic drink contains electrolytes just like the human body. With constant hydration, the skin remains glowing both in winter and summer. Secondly, coconut water contains natural oils which are helpful in preventing the cracking of your skin in pregnancy. Stretch marks are among the most awful things in pregnancy. They come as a result of cracking because the skin expands significantly. A well oiled skin will not crack; hence there will be no stretch marks and other undesirable spots. You should also note that since it has hydrating effects, the skin complexion remains unaffected by pregnancy.

Enhances Blood Circulation

another important one among the benefits of coconut water in pregnancy is that it enhances blood circulation. Along with this advantage, coconut water helps your body fight urinary tract infections. It eliminates chances of heart failure or cardiac arrest because it has zero cholesterol and is 100% fat-free.

It is important to mention that, in order to enjoy the above-discussed benefits of coconut water in pregnancy, the following points must be observed.

  • Do not substitute clean drinking water with coconut water. It is essential to consume both of them with moderation. Experts argue, “Clean, filtered water should always be your main drink”
  • Always drink water from freshly picked green coconuts for excellent taste.
  • Drink the water immediately the coconut is picked and cut open.

In conclusion, it is quite important that you take a personal health test to establish the need of seeking any attention necessary. Depending on the outcome of the test, you will establish your personal health objectives. 



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