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Balanced Diet Chart for Weight Loss Takes Research and Common Sense

Balanced Diet Chart for Weight Loss, A Great Tool to Utilize

If you are a 30-something female you need to check out a balanced diet chart for weight loss if this is your goal. If you desire to be beautiful inside and out, fit and healthy, carry an ideal body weight range and BMI, successful at work and in your private life, embrace technology, children and new things in life, and have people admire your control of life, research a balanced diet chart for weight loss.

There are well over 200 little known fad diets and charts on the market today; in addition to popular diet plans with a proven record of accomplishment for weight loss. These fad diets for the most part do not follow a balanced diet chart for weight loss.

If any diet plan appeals to you, go ahead and follow the diet, but you must be aware that to live the rest of your life within your normal body weight this diet plan must be a lifelong commitment, and be *approved by your doctor.

It is not possible for you to follow a "diet" for weight loss for the rest of your life, a lifestyle change is the key to successful weight loss.

Calculate and follow your BMI, weight, waist measurements and once you reach your goal the plan reverts to a management plan that prevents you from falling back into your unhealthy eating pattern.

Following a balanced diet chart for weight loss includes a deep devotion to regain your normal body weight and BMI, motivation to become healthier and a desire to teach others, including your family, by your actions in following a new, healthier lifestyle.

Never, has the American populace become so obese. Medical doctors and researchers all agree that just a mire 30 pounds over your ideal body weight, without shoes and clothing, and pinching just one inch of excess fat at the waist, constitutes obesity. This is a hard pill to swallow, and more doctors are approving a balanced diet chart for weight loss.

Do not get confused about how many food pyramid charts on the market today. Use the new revised original food pyramid chart as your balanced diet chart for weight loss. Follow the tips below for successful weight loss:

  1. Shop for fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables instead of canned or prepackaged items.
  2. Lean cuts of red meat, (limited amounts), fish, water packed canned tuna, fresh chicken and turkey is best.
  3. Avoid deep fried, pan fried foods, avoid overcooking foods. Remember that steamed vegetables and fresh frozen fruits are the best.
  4. Most fruits and vegetable in season freeze well, to enjoy throughout the year.
  5. Remain on your doctor prescribed diet such as, a diabetic diet and see your doctor first to follow a balance diet chart for weight loss.

In conclusion

  • Assess your Body Mass Index and normal body weight range according to your age and height. If your BMI is 40 and over you are considered morbidly obese, 35-39.9 you are severely obese, 30-34.9 you are obese, 25-29.9 you are overweight, 18.5-24.9 you are normal weight and under 18.5  you are  considered underweight. Being underweight can present health risk problems as much as being obese. Use a balanced diet chart for weight loss as a guide.

  • Set in motion an exercise plan that works for you, such as walking. Start small and increase the time and duration of your exercise plan.

  • Work out at a gym and get a certified instructor to help you with your exercise goals. Bring along an exercise buddy.

  • Learn to prepare fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, and lean cuts of meat, without cooking all the valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients out of the food sources. Use a balanced diet chart for weight loss when grocery shopping.

  • Avoid prepackaged foods and canned goods due to hidden dyes, additives, preservatives, sugars and sodium content. Learn to read the labels.

  • Use valuable herbs and spices to make delicious tasting meals.

  • Common sense always prevails.

*Always consult your doctor before starting any lifestyle change, or following any balanced diet chart for weight loss. Speak with the doctor before starting any kind of exercise plan. Ask your doctor to help you monitor your weight loss progress.

Good luck using your balanced diet chart for weight loss. Embrace and enjoy the new healthier you. Take this health test today for in-depth enlightenment on your health and to help kick start your new lifestyle change.

"Thus, the prevalence of obesity in many countries among children and adults has been increasing for the last four decades." Putting a stop to the obesity cycle begins with you and your family, if that is your situation, by following a balanced diet chart for weight loss.


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