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7 Best Calories Counters for Iphone You Can Try Today

Summer is here and with it comes swimsuits, bikinis, and fitness. With the ever growing presence of the now ubiquitous iPhone, there are more ways than ever to integrate this handy device into our daily workout regimes and diet. To help us get to our needed body weight and "bikini-body" there are numerous calorie counting apps that help keep us on point and heading in the right direction for the perfect summer tone and body. Try any of the following apps and work yourself into the best summer fitness of your life.

1. Lose It! Fitness Guide & Calorie Counter

With millions of users, the Lose It! calorie counting app is one of the most popular, and indeed, best apps for keeping your caloric intake on target. With a very simple and easy to use interface, complete with templates and databases the Lose It! app is near effortless to integrate into your daily routine. If you want to modify or customize the app for your particular diet or lifestyle it is easily done. Or go the simple route and use the template.

2. MyFitnessPal's Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

This calorie counter is amazing in that it has a database for calorie measurement of over two million different foods and choices. That one makes this worth its weight in kale. A very simple user interface makes it a joy to use. Modifications are easily done should you wish to create your own unique template for your workouts, diet and day.

3. FooduCate

The FooduCate app is a combination calorie counter and diet coach. A bit more in depth than the prior two apps, FooduCate seeks to not just count your daily caloric intake,but also to help educate you on proper food choices as you move throughout your day. The app can be modified for your tastes and regimes with ease. One of the unique functions of this app is the ability to send your accumulated data to the app HQ to have it analyzed. Once done suggestions and tips geared especially for your situation are emailed out to you for future reference and use.

4. My Diet Coach

The My Diet Coach app is made exclusively for use by women. The app has a highly detailed database of foods and exercise routines that are made for a woman's body. Use these to stretch, work out the cardio, and eat healthy. The app is easy to use, and has a very simple and elegant user interface. The ability to sync the app to a laptop of computer means you can store the data externally without having to worry about space on the iPhone or iPad.

5. SparkPeople Calorie Couter

Part social media and part fitness/diet coach, the SparkPeople app is an amazing way to stay on target with your diet and fitness routine all while being able to share it with the social media network. Post results to the database and get tips from fellow fitness fans and diet watchers. The setup takes a little time but it is well worth it if you wish to be part of a larger fitness community online.

6. CalorieCounter by Fat Secret

The CalorieCounter by Fat Secret app is a great one for this who want to be able to scan items at the grocery store to find out accurate calorie counts and diet information. An app scanner, database and assessment tool helps keep the diet on point. Simply turn the app on, select the bar scanner and hit the UPC on any item in the store. If there is no UPC code (on items such as produce) simply take a picture of the item with the iPhone camera and send it to the Fat Secret website where it will match it to the product and retrieve the calorie information. This is less fitness and more calorie/diet oriented.

7. GoMeals

This is a three in one app that is great for the traveler. The apps in the GoMeals suite are a restaurant locater, calorie counter and a tracker to record your daily meals. All data noted and stored on the app can be transferred to a laptop or computer for further analysis. While on the road the app helps find the most healthy restaurant choices in the area, alleviating the stress of trying to find the healthy options while on the road. This is a solid app that has tremendous potential for anyone wishing to maintain a healthy diet, even while traveling.

Staying on target and goal with diet is not easy, and when the time for the healthy life kicks in, these apps make the choice easier. The beauty of the above apps is that you can try them all right now, and then make your selection as to which you want to incorporate into your daily routines. These can be used for individuals or families, so get in there and stay healthy.


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