The power to control your health

In the current world, there is a massive opportunity to improve outcome of individual health related activities if we succeed to accomplish knowledge shift from doctors to patient. Those areas are:

Prevention: patient has a power to decrease the risks of many diseases, like heart attack, stroke, diabetes and several cancers. All they need is to have the same knowledge that doctors currently have to evaluate the risks and handle those.

Early detection of diseases: in many cases, early detection of serious diseases (cancers, diabetes, first symptoms of heart disease) is in the hand of patients. If they only know what to look for;

Recovery: dream of every patient is to recover from any disease as fast and as completely as possible. Outcome is entirely in patient hands, but not all the answers are available when doctor is not around.


WizeLife system powers the patients in these areas, connecting the best available global research knowledge with personal data, translating the results into common language, allowing deep insight into personal health status and knowledge about best possible actions.

WizeLife system consists of: a “Virtual person” with perfect health, the global research database, the evaluation algorithm (“the Brain”), the data input module for personal health data, “e-Health Assistant”, who recommends what kind of health activities and when should be performed.

System is capable to analyze more health information than is possible for any doctor during ordinary visit.

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WizeLife is turning your computer/ your mobile into personal Health Assistant, who takes care for your health, and keeps track on recommended health activities.

It empowers your knowledge about health, gives you an opportunity to find out your personal health risks, gives you the knowledge about the activities with highest possible outcome.

Our Story

WizeLife was established in January 2012, first by the name of HealthBook. The name of WizeLife was given in 2014. 

The aim of the founders was to give everybody an access to the the doctor level knowledge about health and prevention, to give everybody the best possibility to stay healthy.

For that as a first step a virtual "Doctor's brain" was created. Brain is an algorythm capable to analyse and point out important characteristics of your health. "Brain" knowledge is based on hundreds of scientific research papers.

On top of the "Brain", the "Virtual person" model was created - this is a virtual person with perfect health, and if you submit your personal data into the system, the "Brain" compares your data against "Virtual person", analyses found differences against medical research, and in case the difference is relevant, informs you about that.

WizeLife 1.0 is launched in February 2015.